i am ion ryan.

let's connect and we'll find your ion together.

What is an ion?

It's your passion. It's your motivation. It's your destination.


A few days away from my college graduation, I got scared.
"Get a job, make money, spend money, repeat." Forever...?

After running away from reality for a while, I came up with this idea of an "ion". It's about turning action into something more than just money.

I'm not here to sell. I'm here to share.

What do you do?

I'm a Philadelphia-based small business owner who has been doing content creation since the Myspace days. Below are a few of my favorite things.


A decade as a Photo Booth business owner. Love shooting brand photos.


A decade as a film student (story for another time) and a decade+ as a pro.

Social Media Management

LiveJournal, Google Wave, Vero. Lived it all and loved it all.


Made a million mistakes in my life. Let me help you avoid them.

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(Here is Some Old Stuff for Now!)