The arrival of Jon Moxley has paid immediate dividends for All Elite Wrestling. One area has been particularly interesting to watch: Instagram. In the 24 hours after Double or Nothing and Moxley’s debut, @AllEliteWrestling added over 50k followers to cross the 500k threshold. In the 5 weeks since, they’ve gained an additional 150k followers for a grand total of 652k. To put that into perspective: NJPW, AAA, ROH and Impact gained 52k Instagram followers in that same period…combined.

WWE remains the social media juggernaut of pro wrestling sports entertainment with 18 million followers on Instagram. They’ve added roughly 400k new followers in the same 5 week span as AEW’s 200k. Of course WWE has had the benefit of 55+ hours of programming in that time as well as a global tour. AEW’s Instagram account has mostly just shared Fyter Fest posters and Double or Nothing highlights.

While this week’s Fyter Fest will likely not have anything as historic as the Moxley debut, AEW could see another spike in followers due to the fact that it’s available for free on Bleacher Report Live! If they get a follower bump from Fyter Fest, then Fight for the Fallen and continue their pace of 5k follows a day, they’ll cross 1M followers on the day before All Out. Not bad for a niche t-shirt company that’s only been around for 6 months! In October, when they start on TNT, these numbers should sky rocket and they could be within reach of 2M by the end of 2019.

For those keeping score at home

As of June 29th, 2019 @ 1:47AM EST

6) NJPW: 242k

5) AAA: 235k

4) Ring of Honor: 362k

3) Impact: 431k

2) AEW: 652k

1) WWE: 18M

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